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Update from Mt. Ararat High School - May 22, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all well.  I'm writing to provide you with some information to support your planning as we look ahead to the last few weeks at Mt. Ararat High School.  There is a lot going on with move to the new school, seniors working to complete any coursework required to meet graduation requirements, planning for graduation off site, organizing of student schedules for next year, and more.  Please understand that all the processes are new and take a little time to come together but the goal is to get information as soon as possible as we develop new procedures and such. 


Election of Pass/Incomplete Grades

Some of you have inquired about the process for electing the pass/incomplete option for grading.  The form you will need to complete is attached.  When you have completed the form, please either send it to me by way of email or postal service.


Returning Laptops & Other School Materials & Picking Up Personal Items

A schedule has been created for students to return laptops and other school materials and provide an opportunity for students to pick up personal items such as stuff in lockers, art work, and so forth.  The schedule is attached.  Please note alphabetical divisions, grade levels, and times of day we will schedule personnel to support with this process.  When you do make the trip to school, please plan to come to the main entry doors.


For students enrolling in AP courses - the goal will be to have you pick up summer work when you visit to return materials but depending on when some textbooks are returned by students currently taking those class there may be a need for you to make a second trip.


Step Up Day Planning

The original plan was to have our Step Up Day take place on May 27th.  As a result of the COVID-19 situation the building of the master schedule was delayed.  The master schedule is in the final step which is building student schedules, therefore, we have delayed Step Up activities for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students until the first week in June.  


Step Up Day activities will be sent to students through school email by Wednesday, June 3rd and will include:


  • Individual student schedules with instructions for addressing questions and/or concerns you may have about the schedule

  • A Virtual Tour of the New High School - Amazing!

  • Additional General Information (laptop forms, a map of the campus showing traffic patterns, an introduction to Infinite Campus, and more)


The plan will be for advisors to connect with students in their advisory group to review and confirm schedules for next year as part of this process.



At this point most of you probably know that our graduation will be held at the Topsham Fairground. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to create a plan to celebrate our seniors that will limit the audience to immediate family, but there will be a ceremony worthy of our students.  


For seniors and senior parents/guardians, the many details associated with planning this event are coming together.  I know you have many questions.  Please continue to send your questions to Lianna Fenimore and me.  We will bring the questions to our regularly scheduled meetings and organize a Frequently Asked Questions document to share with all of you.  Towards the end of next week, after Ms. Fenimore and I meet, students planning to graduate and parents/guardians can anticipate a detailed update on the graduation planning.  Thanks for your patience.


Fall Sports

Typically, at this time of the year, the fall coaches are scheduling informational meetings for information sharing with students. Mr. Godo has organized some information to support students registering for the fall sports season.  See attachment.



Signing off for now.  Wishing you an enjoyable, safe, and healthy long weekend as you remember loved ones who have passed and honor veterans who have given it all to protect our freedoms on Memorial Day.


Be well.


Donna F. Brunette, Principal


"Empowering All to Grow, Learn, Explore & Soar"


(207) 729-2951 X 208


Mt. Ararat High School


73 Eagles Way

Topsham, ME 04086


Pass/Incomplete Option Form 

Return of Laptop and Other School Materials & Pick Up Personal Items - Schedule 

Fall Sports & Registration Information 



Graduation Update: May 13, 2020

Dear MTA Seniors and Families,

After several meetings involving the class officers and members of the administrative team, we have come up with a plan for graduation to share with you. Please note that we are working with guidelines set forth by Commissioner Makin at the Maine Department of Education and everyone’s health and safety is at the forefront of this plan. You will receive more detailed information as the date gets closer; however, we wanted to share a general overview of what Graduation 2020 will look like. Please take a few minutes to read this information carefully.

Graduation will take place on Sunday, June 14th at 1:00pm at the Topsham Fairgrounds. We will be utilizing the large race track for the parking of vehicles as the audience with a ceremony set up in the middle of the track. Students will arrive in vehicles with family members and park as directed in designated spaces organized to adhere to the guidance that vehicles should remain six feet apart from one another. Topsham Police will help organize parking and traffic flow for this event. In order to ensure that each student’s family is able to attend, there is a limit of ONE vehicle per student (for students with parents living in separate households a second vehicle will be admitted to the event)Family members will be expected to remain in vehicles for the duration of the ceremony. Graduates, with the exception of those who will be speaking or have a specific role in the ceremony, will remain in vehicles until it is time for their group to line up for the awarding of diplomas.

For the awarding of diplomas, students will be divided into four pre-arranged groups and will leave their vehicles to line up for this portion of the ceremony when cued. The division into groups is necessary in order to adhere to the guidelines that limit us having 50 or fewer people in an area at one time, and takes into account people who will be on the infield during the ceremony (superintendent, administrators, school board chair, class officers, class advisor). Each student will need to wear a face covering. (Face covering will be provided and be made personally by Mrs. Densmore, MTA’s Support Services Coordinator, to match the color of the cap and gowns.) The first group of graduates will exit their vehicles when cued and make their way to the entry of the tunnel outside of the track to line up, keeping a six-foot distance from one another during the ceremony. Each student will walk one at a time onto the field by way of the tunnel to the area where their diplomas will be placed on a table for them to receive. When

picking up the diploma off the table, the student may choose to remove their face covering for a picture. After the picture, students need to put their face covering back on, walk to the gate, and return to their vehicle. This process will continue until all four groups of students have exited vehicles on cue, lined up, and walked through to receive their diplomas. Class officers will receive diplomas last.

The current plan, pending approval, when all diplomas have been issued and all students have returned to their vehicles, is for all graduates to get out and stand in front of their vehicles while Mrs. Fenimore announces that students have officially graduated from Mt. Ararat High School. At this time students will be directed to turn their tassels and some will likely throw their caps! We will need to have someone pick up thrown caps and have a plan to get the caps back to graduates because they need to get right back in their vehicles so the procession of graduates in vehicles can leave the fairground while Pomp and Circumstance plays.

Please know that we have tried to keep graduation as ceremonial and close to tradition as possible while maintaining adherence to guidelines and safety procedures. Our goal is to make this memorable for students and their families.

Seniors, please take a moment to complete the Graduation Planning Form to provide information that will help us organize and plan for the day. Please plan to complete this form by Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Important Information to Note:

  • ●  There will be staffing at this event to ensure that social distancing protocols are followed so all graduates feel safe participating in this event.

  • ●  The plan is to have the ceremony broadcast on radio so that families will be able to hear the ceremony from inside vehicles. We are also planning to live stream and video tape this event so that family members who are unable to attend can watch it.

  • ●  Family members will not be able to exit vehicles during this event. As outlined by the DOE, if windows are rolled down, face coverings should be worn.

  • ●  In the event of inclement weather, a rain date has been scheduled for Saturday, June 20th or Sunday, June 21st if Saturday’s weather is an issue.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with more specific information in the near future.

    Be well and stay healthy.

    Mrs. Brunette, Principal & Mrs. Fenimore, Senior Class Advisor,

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