Project Graduation

Project Graduation Policies

Project Graduation is a chaperoned, alcohol, drug and chemical free graduation celebration provided for all graduating seniors to be held on graduation night. This event replaces a “class trip”. Participation in Project Graduation is the last opportunity for a senior class to celebrate and interact as a class.
Successful Project Graduation activities require the participation of students and parents, along with the school’s Project Graduation Advisor. Project Graduation is funded solely through money raised by student and parent fund raisers throughout the year.
Project Graduation emphasizes a lifestyle free of substance abuse. It is the hope of Project Graduation supporters that these activities will help prevent tragic accidents that claim the lives of young people. We ask adults to support the senior class class and involve themselves fully in the positive activities of Project Graduation.

The goal is for 100% of all seniors who have met the graduation requirements to attend the Project Graduation celebration. A successful Project Graduation requires the participation of all seniors and their parents or guardians throughout the school year in the various fund raising activities.
Project Graduation Event
The Project Graduation event will occur directly after the graduation ceremony and should focus on activities that provide for whole class interaction and be accessible to all students in the class.
Leadership Structure
At the beginning of each school year, the principal will appoint a parent (Chairperson), a faculty liaison (Assistant Chair), and a student representative to lead Project Graduation. These people, along with the Class Council and parent volunteers, will make up the Project Graduation Committee.
Members of the Project Graduation Committee will attend all meetings and provide leadership.
Leadership Responsibilities
  • The Chair will facilitate all meetings, and coordinate all official activities, correspondence, solicitations, and contractual obligations.
  • The Chair will also organize and designate responsibility to various parents and student committees.
  • The Chair will designate a treasurer to ensure that all funds are secure and turned over to the school book keeper.
  • The Chair will ensure that operating records and information relative to all Project Graduation activities are maintained and turned over to the principal at the end of the year.
  • The Chair and the Faculty Liaison will select chaperones based on need (i.e. gender, adequate supervision- one to ten ratio, special needs, etc.)
  • The Faculty Liaison will provide a flow of information between the students, parents and administration and will seek approval for all activities with administration.
  • The Project Graduation Committee will organize fund raising activities throughout the year.
  • The Senior Class Representative will inform classmates of all activities and will help ensure that all activities have student participation
  • The Senior Class Representative and the class officers will assist the Chair and Faculty Liaison as needed.
Parent Participation
Parents are expected to participate in fund raising activities to make Project Graduation a success.
Administration Expectations
  • Review and approve all activities and fund raisers
  • Provide an adequate space at school for meetings
  • Assist with communication and correspondence
  • Provide time and space for occasional meetings during school hours
  • Enforce rules and regulations of Project Graduation
  • Appoint a Parent Chairperson, Faculty Liaison and Student Representative.
  • Provide book keeping/banking services and process money through the school book keeper.
  • Provide a school appointed representative and/or School Liaison Officer to attend the Project Graduation event.
Community Expectations
Community and business leaders do not have a direct role in the activities of Project Graduation. However, we hope that these leaders and the community at large will support and encourage the activities of Project Graduation.
Policies and Procedures
  • A Project Graduation event proposal must be submitted to the principal no later than February 1.
  • The event will take place on the day of graduation.
  • All events in any way associated with Project Graduation will be drug and alcohol free. Any student who consumes, possesses, distributes, or is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any point will become immediately ineligible for event participation. Anyone in violation of this rule at the Project Graduation event, will be turned over to local authorities and be sent home at parents expense.
  • The school reserves the right to search baggage, purses, and personal items before and during the trip. This will be supervised by the School Resource Officer or a designated law enforcement officer.
  • Any student with special needs, medications, conditions, etc. must discuss this privately with the designated school representative to ensure that provisions can be made to meet the student’s needs. Students privacy rights will be respected.
  • Each student is expected to participate in at least one fund raising activity.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to meet all requirements in a timely manner and to seek information.
  • Participation in the Project Graduation event is reserved for those students who have met all graduation requirements.
  • The Chair or a designated adult will be responsible for the supervision of money at all fund raising activities. Funds will be turned over to the school book keeper in a timely manner.
  • All issues that may arise in the future relative to Project Graduations will be resolved jointly by the Parent Chair, Faculty Liaison and Principal.


Mt. Ararat High School Project Graduation Policies • Revised 3/30/2005

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