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Program of Studies

Welcome to the Social Studies Department at Mt Ararat High School. Creating an informed citizenry
capable of fully participating in a democratic society is one of the most important goals of education
and Social Studies serves as an essential discipline in this process. Through exposure to the events,
forces, and people that have shaped the world, students learn about human society, its history, the
role of governments, different economic models and the important themes and patterns found in an
expansive study of the human experience. Additionally, our courses are designed to improve student
skills in argumentation, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and research. Democracies
require citizens capable of analyzing issues, understanding the historical influences that shape the
world, developing reasoned opinions and solutions and communicating their opinions and beliefs
across a variety of media in effective ways.

Our courses seek to fulfill the obligation to create informed and capable citizens by engaging students
in an integrated approach involving multiple disciplines within Social Studies. Currently, all students
are required to take the three-year sequence of Social Studies courses listed below:

9th Grade: Introduction to World Religions (fall), World Governments (spring)
10th Grade: Economic Principles (fall), International Relations (spring)
11th Grade: US History I (fall), US History II (spring)

Exceptions to this sequence of required courses are made for students that screen into AP Human
Geography (10th grade) and/or AP US History (11th grade).

In addition to the required courses, students may take any number of Social Studies electives as 11th
or 12th graders. Elective offerings are dependent on student sign-ups and staffing numbers and

AP Government (both fall and spring semesters)
AP Psychology (both fall and spring semesters)
Art & Society, Part I (fall semester only)
Art & Society, Part II (spring semester only)
Music & Society, Part I (fall semester only)
Music & Society, Part II (spring semester only)
Psychology (both fall or spring)
Sociology (both fall or spring)

At the moment, the Social Studies Department anticipates offering courses with dual enrollment
(college credit) for the following courses:

AP Government (elective)
AP Psychology (elective)
AP US History (11th Grade)
Art & Society, Part I and Part II (elective)

For more detailed information about the courses and their learning goals, please visit our Program of
Studies found at the hyperlink at the top of this page.

Finally, this webpage is under development. Links to revised and updated curriculum guides along
with a blog detailing instructional approaches will be added in the near future. Until that point, if you
have any questions about the curriculum and/or instruction of Social Studies at Mt Ararat High
School, please contact Lou Dorogi, the Social Studies Department Head, at [email protected].

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