Senior Advisory Curriculum And Capstone

Eagle Legacy Project Timeline, 2023-2024

All students are expected to attend Advisory each day, and as the year develops, many advisory activities will be devoted to supporting seniors with the design and completion of the Eagle Legacy Project.
The purpose of the Eagle Legacy Project at Mt. Ararat High School is for students to demonstrate
independent and self-directed learning at the conclusion of their high school experience. Students are expected to design, implement, reflect upon, and present an independent project that pushes them beyond their comfort zone in an area of:

  • Desired Personal Growth,
  • Community Service, and/or
  • Career Exploration.

The Eagle Legacy project thus serves as both a final opportunity and a final benchmark of a graduate’s readiness for life as an adult and high school graduate. Successful completion of a legacy project is a requirement for graduation from Mt. Ararat High School.

The Legacy Project includes a number of important dates and deadlines, and seniors should prepare to meet these expectations over the course of the year. Each of these dates serves as an important benchmark of progress for graduating seniors.

October - Eagle Legacy Project Brainstorm

Students will complete a brainstorming activity to support their preparation for the submission of a project proposal later in the year. This activity will take place during Advisory. The brainstorm is due by October 27, 2023.

November-December - Proposal Development & Completion

Final Eagle Legacy Project proposals will be worked on during advisory over the course of the late Fall and Early winter. Students are expected to use this standard template for proposals. Final proposals are due on December 14, 2023. Here is a link to a video overview of how to write a great proposal.

January-March - Project Refinement & Proposal Revision

Students can expect feedback on their initial proposals in late January or early February and by Monday, February 5, 2024 at the very latest. Many project proposals will need to be revised to address components of feedback that the review committee raises; students will have the opportunity to revise their proposals during Advisory. Final revised proposals are due on March 7, 2024.

April-Mid May - Project Preparations

Once projects have been approved finally, students should plan to undertake the final preparations necessary to complete the project in late May. This may include pre-work, preliminary communication with community members, planning, etc.

Late May - Legacy Project Go Time!

The actual project period for completion of the Eagle Legacy Project is the final two weeks of the month, May 20-31, 2024. Your last day of regular classes/exams is Friday, May 17, after which the expectation is work on the Eagle Project. All students will have expectations to check in with a school staff member during this time.

June 3 - Eagle Legacy Day!

It’s here! All seniors will present their experiences to community members and underclass students, celebrating the achievements of your projects. Congratulations!

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