Sophomore Advisory Curriculum

These assignments are required for the Mt. Ararat High School Advisory Program.

Students should create a folder on their laptop or Google Drive titled "Advisory" to store their work for the year.

Quarter 1 Activities

-Complete "Reflection and Goal Setting." Click on the link, make a copy of the document, rename it with your name and date in the title, and share it back to your advisor when you are done. You can also print the document out and complete it by hand and give it to your advisor.

-Think About Time Management- Now that you have completed one year of high school, brainstorm individually or with your advisory group why time management is important. What are the benefits to effectively managing your time? What are some downfalls or problems you might have if you don't manage your time effectively?
Complete this Time Management Brainstorming worksheet to show your advisor.

Resource for Advisors:

Quarter 2 Activities

-Complete the How to Improve Time Management- Worksheet

Quarter 3 Activities
-Building a Resumé. You can do this within Naviance, or without it on your own using a Google doc. Just give a copy to your advisor when you are done, and keep it digitally so you can update it.

a)Building a resume with Naviance: Log on to Naviance Student and click on the "About Me" tab then "My Stuff" and "Resume".
Click on the Red (+) button to begin putting information into the different fields.  After completing each section, click the "Add" button, and you will see your resume being built before your eyes.   You can go back and edit sections any time you want.
When you have completed it and need it, there is a "Print/Export" button.  This resume you created will come in handy when you are applying for jobs, scholarships, or college.

b)Building a Resume from scratch: Some people prefer to write their own resume using a word processing document (like google docs) so that they can format it exactly how they want. There are great examples of resumes on the internet if you want to look at some and do one of your own. That is fine.
Student Examples from the class of 2012 

Quarter 4 Activities

-Final Draft of Resume Due

-Capstone Reflection and Early Planning Document- after you attend Senior Capstone Day on April 8, make a copy of this worksheet and complete it to hand in to your advisor.

-Review your goals from the beginning of the year. Did you meet them? Is there still room for improvement? Discuss your progress and your goals for next year with your advisor or advisory group.
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