Junior Advisory Curriculum

These assignments are requirements for the Mt. Ararat High School Advisory program.

Students should create a folder on their laptop titled “Advisory” that they store their work in for the year.

Quarter 1 Activities

-Complete "Reflection and Goal Setting."
 Click on the link to open the google doc, rename the document with your name and date, and share with your advisor when you are done. You can also complete it by hand by printing it out and handing it in once you are done.

-Start working on building a resumé. With Naviance, or without it. Just give a copy to your advisor when you are done, and keep it digitally so you can update it.

a)Building a resume with Naviance: Log on to Naviance Student and click on the "About Me" tab then "My Stuff" and "Resume".
Click on the Red (+) button to begin putting information into the different fields.  After completing each section, click the "Add" button, and you will see your resume being built before your eyes.   You can go back and edit sections any time you want.
When you have completed it and need it, there is a "Print/Export" button.  This resume you created will come in handy when you are applying for jobs, scholarships, or college.

b)Building a Resume from scratch: Some people prefer to write their own resume using a word processing document (like google docs) so that they can format it exactly how they want. There are great examples of resumes on the internet if you want to look at some and do one of your own. That is fine.
Student Examples from the class of 2012 

 -Visit with a College Representative/College Visit-
(Through MTA Guidance, Region 10, a College Fair, or virtually)
Through Guidance: 
Colleges and military representatives visit our guidance office to meet with students and answer questions or will visit virtually through a zoom link you can get from guidance. Listen to the announcements to hear who is visiting and when, or check out the info in MTA Guidance.   Before the end of the Semester 1 you must "visit" with at least one of these representatives or do at least one virtual college tour you can report back to your advisor about.
Virtual College Tour
Assignment Worksheet  and  video tutorial for how to access the assignment. Worksheet is to be completed with the website and handed in to advisory teacher. 

We usually recommended that this gets completed QUARTER 1 when most of the colleges visit guidance. 


Quarter 2 Activities

-Final Draft of Resumé-
              Print out a copy of your final resume and hand in to your Advisor.  You can also print this to use it when applying for jobs, scholarships, or colleges.  

-If not done 1st Quarter: Visit with a College Representative- (See information above, but we have a NEW! Virtual Option for this year! See instructions above)

Quarter 3 Activities

-SuperMatch Colleges Search- Log on to Naviance Student (under student tab on Mt. Ararat website).  

Click on "Colleges" tab, and then "Find Your Fit, " and "Super Match".

Once in, click on "Select Criteria To Start" over on the left.  This will guide you through selecting things that you are looking for in a school to find colleges all around the country that meet the criteria you are looking for.  You can select by location, price, majors, etc.  The more criteria you fill in, the better match you will get.  

Once you have gone through all/most of the criteria, you should get a list of colleges that would be a good match for you.

As you select your criteria, you will see a table begin to appear of schools that match.   You can change the selections at the tops of each column to show different information if you want.

Click on the colleges names to learn more about them; and there are direct links to college websites if you want to learn even more.

After exploring, choose at least five colleges to "Favorite" by clicking on the heart icon.  These schools will now appear under "Colleges" Tab then "Colleges I'm Thinking About", so that you can go back to them anytime.

Introduction to Capstone: Planning Activity

Quarter 4 Activities

-Scholarship Search-
Use the Finance Authority of Maine website to search for scholarships that you may be eligible for.
To complete the assignment, make your own copy and fill out this form about the information you find to show your advisor.

Capstone Proposal- (April 13, 2022)* ALL Juniors are required to submit a Capstone proposal. Staff will be reviewing in committees on April 15 so you can have feedback before the end of the school year.

-Journal 1(Research) and Mentor Agreement form will be due in October.

* Capstone timeline has been moved up from previous years.  Final projects will be presented in the first week of April of your Senior Year.

LOOKING FOR A CAPSTONE PROJECT? See the senior page for other ideas.
"Seniors to Seniors" is a program started by 2015-2016 students Harley and Summer. "Seniors to Seniors" matches elderly animals that need to be adopted with elderly people who could use the companionship. Email Kim Gore ([email protected]) if you are interested. She would love some juniors to get on board and help this program grow by helping with the adoption process and some grant writing to help elderly people with the costs of owning a pet.

"Ceiling Tile Book"- Using photos of the ceiling tiles previously taken for another Capstone project, a student could make a photo book to sell as a school fundraiser (or charity of own choosing).  This will help the community by providing a copy of long-loved artwork and help raise money for a good cause.

-Review your goals from the beginning of the year and discuss your progress with your advisory group or advisor.

-College Planning Timeline for Juniors

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