Freshmen Advisory Curriculum

These assignments are requirements for the Mt. Ararat High School Advisory program. 

Students should create a folder on their laptop titled “Advisory” that they store their work in for the year.


Quarter 1 Activities

-Complete  "Grade 9 Advisory Self-Reflection" Make a copy of the document and rename with your name in the title. Complete the self check and questions. When you are done, share with or turn in to your advisor.

   Log on to Naviance Student (link found in student tab of school web page). When logging in, select the button that says "Continue with Single Sign On"
Students should be able to use their user name/email and Google password to log in. 

Once in Naviance, students can find the "Strengths Explorer" by clicking on the "Self Discovery" tab at the top.

This survey may take awhile, and you only get one chance, so make sure you have time and see it through to the end.  

Once you have completed the survey, it will show you your "Top three themes" or strengths.  Then click a the bottom "See related career pathways" which are organized by your strengths.  Click on any pathway to learn more about it: overview, credentials, etc.

After looking through the suggested pathways, choose at least three to mark as "Favorites" by clicking the heart icon.

-FutureScape- (Asafuturescape was recommended by MTA students)- Use this engaging interactive website to find out about careers that match your interests. Once you are matched you will be given engaging information (videos) about the careers it matches you with

Quarter 2 Activities

-"Career Interest Profiler"
      Log on to Naviance Student (under student tab of school web page) on "Single Use Sign In" to access the site if the normal sign in wont work.
 Click on the "Self Discovery" option at the top, and then "Career Interest Profiler."

Once you have read the directions you can click on "Start" and fill in your answers.   When you are done, click to complete and then "View Results".   Read over your strengths, and then click to "View Matching Careers."  You can learn more about any career by clicking on it.  After reading through, choose at least three more careers to "Favorite".

You should have a total of 6 now.

-Research 2 careers
              Fill out out by hand or digitally complete: "Researching Occupations for TWO careers you are most
              interested in. Use the information in Family Connection (under the career tab)
              Or research using the internet.

Quarter 3 Activities

-Interview 1 person from the career you are most interested in that you previously researched in quarter 2.
              Fill out "My Talk with an Expert" permission slip and worksheet
              *note: Parents/guardians need to be aware of this interview and sign the form above before or after the    
                        Interviews should be conducted in person if possible, or via phone or Skype. 
                        Email interviews are viewed as less personal and should be avoided.

-Send a "Thank You" note to the person you interviewed. Show the note or a copy of it to your advisor.
              Showing gratitude is a good thing.

Quarter 4 Activities

-Career Project and Presentation Planning Document/Organizational Tool and (Product Descriptor) 
            Make some kind of visual display (slideshow, poster, etc.) of what you have learned about
            your researched career and present it to your advisory group.
            Use your research packet and interview information for your presentation.
            *Advisors will need to give a deadline to allow for presentations before the end of the year.

-Discuss your goals for next year with your advisor or advisory group 
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