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“Activity As A Student”

I like the ease at which a student can submit assignments.  But it seems as if there is A LOT of loading of information that has to be done prior to students actually using this for the first time.  For students that are moving ahead, faster than teacher pace, we teachers have to have an entire school year planned and loaded.  This will be tough this first time around.

I think it is interesting how students can draw answers in Empower.  That feature would be more accessible to students with different hardware available than the current MLTI devises we have.

Trying not to be overwhelmed by the immense task of creating playlists and activities and simply focus on the task today of gaining a preliminary understanding of what students see in Empower, I find it pretty cool. I especially like how students can see the tasks they need to do, can work on the tasks and easily submit the activities to be scored.

It is beneficial to have resources available in one screen to click on. As a student, I would find that helpful if teachers put those things up there. 

Like the beta version of paint program that students can draw with

I liked the ability to draw.

The variety of ways students can create, upload responses.  Would have been nice to see that students can submit math symbols as well.  While actually typing in the steps for the activity, it is not practical for what I would ask of my math students.

So far, I find Empower very interesting but a bit overwhelming.  I am intrigued by all the possibilities this technology could lead to in working with my students, especially given that they are visual learners and engage enthusiastically with a laptop!

I like the way that students can have the option to be able to create a document through the portal, or upload one that was created elsewhere.

I like the ease of use.  I also like the ability of the student to be able to draw and interact with the activity on my playlist. I also like the fact that there is a line of communication between teacher and student. 

It's easy to be able to upload documents from the google drive which students are already familiar with 

This example was for a fun activity.  It is engaging.

Nice environment. I like it. I think the drawing demo was a bit optimistic with respect to a student's drawing ability with a mouse or trackpad.

The student seems to be able to bounce around quickly between the different tools.

I found the drawing tool interesting.  Many students having tablets for drawing with.  Using this tool some students could actually do math problems electronically by hand and turn it in that way.

I was impressed by the drawing feature and how accomplished the sample drawing of Neptune was. Wow!

Hello.  This seems like a great supplemental resource for teaching.

I found this activity helpful because it was real  and it showed me what students would do.

I found it interesting that students could write, draw, attach files, etc. The workspace is easy to use. And so is turning in the work.

I thought it was interesting that there were a lot of visuals that students could access/ create.

The interface is very clear and easy to access. It is very user friendly for both students and teachers. It is interactive and intuitive.

I like that there are multiple methods for student to interact with content. 

This would be a resource for students to log on and use to their daily assignments from me.  

​Students will not be able to solve math problems on this platform as it is not efficient and would take way too much time to type using all of the math symbols they will need.  They will need to print out their worksheets.

So the interactivity with the computer is good.  Spent a lot of time watching the video draw!

I love it because the whole district will be using it so eventually kids (and teachers) will be pros at using it.

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